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2012 Suzuki RM-Z 250

Was going to get new springs for the 2010 but saw this in great shape and a reasonable price so decided to jump on this and then look at selling the older one.

After setting all the suspension to stock I took this out and it is effing awesome!! The handling is fantastic and it just inspires confidence as soon as you let the clutch out.


RM-Z 250 parts list and exploded diagrams
Sag – stand 25 3/8, static 23 1/2, race 21 1/2

To Do List

  • Oil the chain
  • Check valve clearances
  • Install Yoshimura exhaust?

Completed Tasks

September 2019

  • Replace chain and sprockets – O ring chain and steel sprockets installed

July 2019 - show more

2003 Suzuki RM65

I picked this up for the little guy, looks to be in good shape. The clutch bites late so it might need new plates and it has a DEP exhaust that makes the power band a bit too vicious for him to learn clutch and gears with so I’ll try to pick up a stock exhaust. Tried installing the flywheel weight tonight but it fouls the cover. The chain was extremely loose and despite what I thought, there was enough adjustment left to get it in spec, I also need to install the new fork seals that came with it.

Bit of a big step up from the PW80 but I think he’ll be ripping this around in no time.


RM 65 parts list and exploded diagrams

To do

  • Clean
  • Oil the chain
  • Install split pins in the axles
  • Change gearbox oil


May – June 2019

  • Loctite kick-start screw
  • Gas leaking from carb – reset float height, turned out to be the hose from the tank to the carb was too short and wasn’t sealing

April 2019

  • Fork seals are still leaking?? – Josh took them to his co-op at TSR to re-seat the seals
  • Torque handlebar clamps
  • Set suspension to stock settings
  • Install fork seals – with AMSoil synthetic fork oil
  • Adjust chain
  • Tried to install flywheel weight – no go, fouls on the casing
  • Adjusted handlebars
  • Replaced screw in kickstart with hex bolt, missing bolt from flywheel cover, missing bolt from rear brake guard
  • Seated carb properly

2011 Nissan Juke SL

1.6L direct injection turbo 190HP
Front wheel drive
5 doors

6 speed manual
2960 lbs
5 seats

Josh was looking for a car but when I saw this going for a good price, my family convinced me to jump on it and give Josh the Golf GTI. It has 250,000 Kms but the seller rust proofed the underside for me and it came with new brakes all round and all season tires.

To Do

  • Remove DS door panel and check window clunking
  • Lowering springs – when Josh orders his for the Golf
  • Get rims for winter tires
  • Tune ECU?


August 2019

Fix vacuum leak – erratic idle, P0101 MAF sensor range issue, STFT at about 10 but goes down to 0 at 2000rpm. Tried smoke machine and soapy water but could not find any sign of a leak – maybe needs to be warm?
Sprayed a load of brake cleaner around the engine bay while it was idling hot and it was rock solid, no sign of a vacuum leak and at the risk of jinxing it, the MAF sensor code hasn’t come back for several weeks now.

Seems to be burning a fair bit of oil with very little impact on performance, put 2 bottles of Lucas oil stabilizer in – had very good results with that in the past.

June 2019

AC not blowing cold – took it in to a local garage for system health check, they couldn’t find any leaks so told them to top up the coolant and we’ll see how it goes – $450!!!!! Seems a lot to me when the DIY kits are about $70 but they also use a conditioner that helps maintain the seals.
They also said that the cabin air filter needed replacing and one of the CV boots was torn, I got a filter from CT for $40 and installed myself and booked it in again for the CV boot (the Porsche is not reliable enough yet for me to tackle the boot on a weekend).

Checked the oil level at the weekend and it was almost off the bottom of the dipstick!!! Topped it up and will keep a closer eye on it but there’s no sign of drips underneath so it’s likely blowing past the piston rings and if that’s the case, it will mean major surgery.

May 2019

Since I have upgraded the air filter and muffler and deleted the resonator, I think I’m probably over 200HP now so I felt justified in having Rick make me a Nismo badge, installed it last night.

The CEL came on at the weekend with P0101 MAF out of range code again. Cleaned the MAF sensor again and checked the wiring, then cleared the code but it came back immediately?? Checked for vacuum leaks by spraying Quick Start (ether) around the engine bay but it seemed fine. Cleared the code again, stayed off for 2 days so far.

Idle was a bit off on the way home from work, it could be relearning stuff after the muffler but just in case, I cleaned the throttle valve with Sea Foam and a cotton bud.

Stillen Muffler: Picked this up from a guy on Kijiji, traded for an Xbox 360. When I checked mine, it is quite different and has no flange at the muffler. In fact since there was no flange installed when the resonator was deleted, the entire exhaust from the turbo back is all one piece including the cat!
It took some cutting and welding with a couple of adapters but we got it installed and I think it sounds great! Also made a significant difference to the performance, Stillen suggest +13HP and that seems about right to me, it definitely pulls better and is generally a better/smoother drive.

Tuning: it seems that getting a tune on this thing is not going to be easy. A lot of places say they can’t connect to the ECU and the ones that can want mega bucks (like $1100) and haven’t even tuned a Juke before – crazy if you ask me! The best option so far seems to be an ECU-Tek Programming Kit from Visconti that works out at about $960 with shipping and allows me to flash the ECU with ‘off the shelf’ roms. It’s a lot of money for something that is licensed to ONLY one vehicle and might well only be used once.

April 2019

  • CEL P0101 MAF Sensor Circuit Range/Performance – cleaned MAF Sensor
  • Straight pipe resonator – $120 at RJ’s

CEL Misfire on Cyl #4 – New spark plugs, NGK 91215 DILKAR7C9H, also swapped coils 1 and 4 When I punched it to overtake someone the other day, I started getting some hesitation and then the CEL started flashing indicating that there had been some misfires. I pulled the pending code that indicated the misfire was on cylinder 4 only so I figured the first place to start was spark plugs. CarQuest was able to get me some at a very reasonable price so I ordered 4 and installed them, also swapped coils on cylinders 1 and 4 just in case. The plug in cylinder 4 was the worst and was well worn, wouldn’t be surprised if it was original!

  • Check exhaust for leaks – small hole in resonator, cat flange rusted
  • Oil change
  • Install new K&N air filter $79
  • Adjust parking brake