Saturday 26th October 2019

Last day of the 2019 season today. For various reasons we haven’t been out as much as we would have liked but we made it this time and was rewarded with fantastic weather. Took a while to get used to the track being reversed and by the time we got out, there were some pretty decent ruts on the run up to a lot of the jumps. I had the back end kick out sideways a couple of times that sapped my confidence for hitting 9 but Josh had a bad kick out that whipped him into the ground and broke the fender completely off!

Monday 15th July 2019

I was not happy with the handling on the RMZ 250 after riding the YZ250F again, checked the static sag and it seemed to suggest that the spring is too stiff. An aftermarket spring is about $200, not sure about fork springs. Even with new springs it looks like the suspension has been into MCR Suspension probably for re-valving?? So decided to list it and get something else but ended up buying another RMZ, check it out here.

Sunday 23rd June

Finally some nice weather and good track conditions. GoPro mounts installed, all the bikes seem to be running ok. Jake wasn’t afraid to have a go at sending it over jump 9 …