Compartment Button Repair

Repair the Compartment Button on a Mazda RX-8

Difficulty:  Simple
Recommended Tools:  Screwdriver, hand drill with small bits, junior hack saw, carbon rod, super glue

The button on the sliding lid of the front cup holder compartment broke and popped off the other day.  This is probably not a common issue but the solution was neat and solid and could probably be applied in similar situations.

First thing to do is remove the cover.  Mine has some damage, I flipped up the lid and simply slid it forward, maybe it’s not as easy on one that is intact – please let me know if you try this.
Remove the two screws underneath that hold the button housing in the lid and remove the button if it hasn’t already popped out.

ButtonFix8  ButtonFix7

One of the arms had broken off on mine, but was still attached to the latch.  I have tried many times to repair broken plastic like this with super glue but the bond has little strength especially in a high stress area.  To repair this with a strong fix that would last, I drilled a very small hole through the broken leg and into the button.

ButtonFix1  ButtonFix2

Next insert the carbon rod in the hole and glue in place, being careful to ensure everything is aligned, and once it has set, cut off the excess with a hack saw.

ButtonFix3  ButtonFix5

Now it is ready for assembling back into the lid, function check and installing in the car.


Update:  You could go through this fiasco or you could just buy a new latch from Mazda (part number for black is F151-55-28XA-02), I think they are only about $20 USD – mine just broke again!  I think there are a lot of stresses on those arms if the door closes rapidly (like your 13 year old kid might do) and the little rubber stopper is bent.