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SOAR Round 4!

Another great race weekend in the bag! I think this is my best overall placement weekend so far! I had such a blast in every one of my races and was fairly happy with my pace. I could feel there was a lot of room for improvement but I’m glad […]

SOAR Round 2

Recap from SOAR Round 2! Am600 went as I thought it would, hectic and riding for survival. Great practice for being around lots of bikes and quickly reacting to others movements. Ended up finishing 17/25 which I’m happy with as that race is more for becoming comfortable being that close […]

2023 SOAR Round 1 (321)

Mistakes were made, and lessons were learned this weekend. First practice session I was so stiff and was gripping way too hard everywhere. Felt better during the second session but it got cut short when my chain popped off. Took me a while to diagnose what happened and to get […]

2023 Practice weekend journal

First session felt awkward but promising. Lots of power, brakes were grabbing with the lever too close to the grip, shifter was too low and kept missing 4th on the straight, after session palms of my hands were in lots of pain because I was gripping the grips wayyy too […]