Age: 52
2 seasons racing with SOAR Am license in Lost Era Lightweight and Am Old Folks classes
Goal for 2023 – get a podium finish

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SOAR Rounds 6 and 7, 30 Sept – 1 Oct 2023

The final rounds of the season! Ugh Zoe and I went up on Wednesday evening and after some remote working on Thursday, we got a canopy and the tent up and registered for the weekend. Friday Practice Danny very kindly installed two new tires for me, a Pirelli front and […]

SOAR Round 5, 9-10 September 2023

Took the blue bike back to Denny who found that a valve shim had fallen off during assembly – that was causing the misfire. There were a few leaks around the thermostat again and a couple of other minor things but he got it rebuilt ready for me to pick […]

SOAR Round 4, 25-27 August 2023

After the blue bike ran hot and lost coolant last round, I ordered a head gasket from Denny at the local store, TSR who was amazing and put the order through even though he was on vacation! Danny (and Dex) helped me get the engine out and then Rian had […]

SOAR Round 3, 28-30 July 2023

Modified layout – it’s short but I quite like the longer turn 1 on this layout. The KSR practice day was on Monday this time so Josh and I did the SOAR Friday practice instead – it’s better value for money now that it’s a full day since they cancelled […]

SOAR Round 2 24, 25 June 2023

Reverse Alien layout, this is the only time we do reverse direction so I put the Pirelli scrub on the rear to try – it’s not supposed to be flipped so this is the only chance to really wear the left side. Thursday KSR track day We met Rick in […]

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