2005 RX-8 – Sold

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Related articlesIntermittent power lossFuel pump removal August 2015I finally convinced myself to sell the Fiero and focus on the 924 Turbo but I foolishly didn’t put the money in the bank and put the envelope on my dresser instead.  I was struggling to find seat sliders for the 924 and […]

RX-8 – Intermittent Power Loss


Intermittent Power Loss Issue on a 2005 Mazda RX8 At first, driving the RX-8 was a blast, it seemed to pull strong and wanted to go no matter what gear you were in.  After a short while I noticed that on the highway coming home from work sometimes it would […]

RX-8 – Fuel Pump Removal


Remove Fuel Pump on a 2005 Mazda RX8 Difficulty:  MediumWarning:  Fuel is a hazardous chemical, take appropriate precautionsRecommended Tools:  Screwdrivers, special tool for ring removal Since the strange power loss issue I was experiencing on the RX-8 had a lot of similarities with an issue I had early on with the […]