2001 Kawasaki KX100 – Sold


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2001 Kawasaki KX100

My older kids at 13 and 16 didn’t have experience of riding motorbikes with gears and the RM125 was way too intimidating for them to learn on so I wanted to find something a bit more manageable.  The 80cc bikes seemed a bit small so when I saw this KX100 listed for a reasonable price, I jumped on it.  It has been trail ridden by the previous owners and has a flywheel weight that helps keep it from stalling at low revs – perfect for newer riders.


KX100 parts and exploded diagrams

To Do List

  • NA

Completed Tasks

  • Install new inner tubes front and rear
  • Remove flywheel weight once the kids have got used to the bike
  • Dang gear lever keeps coming loose – loctite screw
  • Remove hand guards
  • Change gear oil
  • Install new gear lever
  • Replace gear change shaft
  • Tie wrap cracked plastics
  • Remove side stand
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Kawasaki KX100 - Replace Gear Change Shaft

Replace Gear Change Shaft on a 2001 Kawasaki KX100 On the kids’ KX100 the gear change shaft sheared at the neck and needed to be replaced.  I wasn’t sure whether I would need to split the engine cases but as it turns out, the engine doesn’t even need to be […]
Gear shaft

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