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Kawasaki KX100 – Replace Gear Change Shaft

Replace Gear Change Shaft on a 2001 Kawasaki KX100

On the kids’ KX100 the gear change shaft sheared at the neck and needed to be replaced.  I wasn’t sure whether I would need to split the engine cases but as it turns out, the engine doesn’t even need to be removed from the frame.

  1. Remove seat – 2 allen screws
  2. Remove tank – screw at headset, screws on radiator shrouds, rubber clamp under seat
  3. Drain coolant
  4. Drain gearbox oil – drain screw underneath
  5. Remove kick start
  6. Disconnect clutch cable from actuator arm
  7. Remove clutch cover – 6 x 8mm screws
  8. Remove outer plate on clutch basket – 4 x spring loaded screws
    Inside clutch
  9. Remove pin from centre of clutch – should just pull out
  10. Remove clutch basket – large nut holding clutch basket on, whole assembly should slide off
  11. Remove powervalve cover – 4 x 8mm screws
  12. Disconnect powervalve actuator arm – circlip
  13. Disconnect coolant hoses from water pump
  14. Carefully remove right side engine cover, it might take a bit of wiggling, be patient – about 8 x 8mm screws
  15. Slide out the gear change shaft assembly
    Gear shaft
  16. Swap the springs and spacers onto the new shaft
    Gear shaft assembly
  17. Replace shaft and re-assemble in reverse order