Lynx to F250 Honcho Mods


The LED headlights on the Lynx weren’t that bright and I thought it would be cool to have a light bar so I picked one up off Amazon and attached it to the front bumper with some foam tape. Then I ran into a bit of an issue, I wanted […]

Carisma Lynx Mods


It’s too cold for painting race bike fairings in the trailer so I’ve been tinkering with the Carisma SCA-1E Lynx ORV RC crawler. I was searching around on yeggi and Thingiverse for a roof rack but then realized that it would block access to the body clips on the roof. […]

Hunter 400 V-Tail Quad


It has been too cold for me to paint the fairing for the CBR600RR and not long ago I found a deal on Kijiji for a drone kit that I couldn’t pass up so I have been putting in some time on the drones lately.I don’t care to remember how […]

CBR600RR Rebuild 5


There’s not a lot of room in the trailer for painting the wheels and I wanted to be able to rotate them and preferably be able to get to both sides while painting rather than do one side and then turn it over. I found a tube in the garage […]

3D Printing SV650 Parts


To install the little bikini fairing on the SV650 I needed to find a way to mount the rev counter and find some bulbs and connectors. For the clocks I decided to try and clamp them to the screen type part of the fairing and after several iterations this is […]

48mm Fork Seal Sliders


Coincidentally, both sets of forks on my dirt bikes were 48mm and both needed new seals.  I drew up these seal sliders incorporating a groove in the OD that was intended for a tie wrap to hold the two halves together.  Most often these are made from metal that has […]

3D Printer Plate Setup


In this article I’ll go over a few things I learned while setting up a Prusa style 3D printer, probably a lot of stuff will relate to other printers as well. Once you have your printer built (if it was a kit) and running, the first and perhaps most important […]

3D Printing


What is 3D printing?  Basically this involves building a 3D shape by building up layers of material.  The material is most often a plastic (PLA, ABS) filament that is extruded through a heated nozzle but all sorts of materials can be used including filament fused with wood or aluminum. When […]