2013 Oset 20.0 Electric Trials Bike

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Saw this on Kijiji and thought it would be good for us all to play with and even for the wife to use as a pit bike at the MX track.  Sadly when I got it home I found that most of the stuff I was told about it was not accurate …

“Brand new rear rim and hub assembly” – really, with dirt all over the hub and sprocket, a bent spoke with broken nipple and a dent in the rim???
“Upgraded battery pack” – looks like 4 x 10Ah SLA batteries to me, same as stock, what’s upgraded about it?
“It’s only been ridden about half a dozen times” – it’s 5 years old!  And I suppose that in those 12 hours (charge lasts about 2 hours) the rear tire was worn down, and a lot of the stickers fell off???
Also, the rebound adjuster on both the forks AND shock was damaged so they wouldn’t turn, the rear end has been smashed so hard that the mount screw for the rear shock was bent and the bushing trashed, the steel bead in the rear tire was all bent, the front mudguard was snapped in half, there was no air pressure in the forks and the battery cover was under the battery.
Oh well, this all just shows that I should perhaps not be so trusting and do a better job of inspecting stuff before I buy.

Set to work on it.  No room in the garage, sat it in the trailer,


After the MaxTakeoff treatment,

Ready to roll

The torque on this thing is insane, but being a trials bike, it’s not very fast.  You need to be super careful with the throttle response setting and it takes a bit of getting used to especially when riding slowly.  It’s really designed for kids 9-12 years old but it is well made with decent components and easily copes with my 5’9″ and 160lbs.  I was sold on it after watching this video,

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  1. Noticed that the front brake seemed to be a bit inconsistent, if you pull it slowly you can pull it back to the bars! If you jam the brake on, it locks up with hardly any travel, seems like maybe a seal inside is worn. They are regular MTB hydraulic brakes so I might see about picking up a used set, already seen some Shimano brakes on Kijiji for $70.

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