ZX6R Overheating


After the first couple of sessions at the track, when I got back to the pits coolant pissed out and then I noticed that the temp gauge was flashing HI. At first I thought it might just be an air pocket from not bleeding the system properly when I swapped […]

48mm Fork Seal Sliders


Coincidentally, both sets of forks on my dirt bikes were 48mm and both needed new seals.  I drew up these seal sliders incorporating a groove in the OD that was intended for a tie wrap to hold the two halves together.  Most often these are made from metal that has […]

Dirt Bike Wheel Repair


Wheel Repair on a 1992 Suzuki RM125 Difficulty:  MediumRecommended Tools:  Vice, spoke key, can of lubricant with straw, chalk When I got my bike, the wheels had certainly taken a bit of a beating, the front wheel bearings were shot, both rims were buckled and the front rim also had […]

Dirt Bike – Electrical Troubleshooting


Electrical Troubleshooting on a 1992 Suzuki RM125 Difficulty:  Medium, can be tough!Warning:  High electric currents can be dangerous, take appropriate precautionsRecommended Tools:  Multimeter Dirt bike electrical systems are relatively simple and yet there is a lot of confusion around that can make troubleshooting tough.  The 1992 Suzuki RM125 that I […]