2021 SOAR Racing Round 3


Last weekend we went up to MotoPark and my middle guy, Jake was out practicing a set of 3 jumps that he liked. When he decided to finish off the lap and go back to the paddock he forgot about a new nasty jump and massively over shot it to land on the up face of the next jump breaking both wrists!! His left wrist was obviously broken, we didn’t find out about the right one until he was in hospital having 5 pins inserted in each wrist along with several large incisions to relieve pressure due to compartment syndrome. We finally got him home on Thursday and thought that since Josh’s wrist was still acting up so he wasn’t riding, he might stay home with Jake while Zoe and I did round 3 … until Jake took a dump and realized he couldn’t wipe his ass!

So Josh came with me and did a great job despite really only having the use of one hand. I did a 58.4s lap in Friday practice but then it rained on Saturday and I didn’t have any rain tires so I had to skip the qualifying sprint races and start at the back of the grid on Sunday. There was a tornado warning on Saturday afternoon so we took the tent down and slept in the back of a trailer. We battened everything down and then took cover but a couple of the canopies collapsed so we had to go out and straighten things out a bit …


On Sunday morning all the grass around the truck and where the tent was pitched was completely water logged but amazingly the track had pretty much dried out by second practice, there was a bit of a puddle on the inside of turn 1 and that was about it. I managed 20th/30 in Lost Era with a fastest lap of 58.2s and then 13th/20 in Old Folks with the same best lap.

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2021 SOAR Racing Round 5

That’s me on 73 BTW! I’ve fallen behind with updating the site again so I’ll jump to round 5 while it’s fresh in my memory and then go back to 3 and 4 later. I got good starts in my qualifying races and managed to finish in the top 10 […]

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