2021 SOAR Racing Round 5


That’s me on 73 BTW! I’ve fallen behind with updating the site again so I’ll jump to round 5 while it’s fresh in my memory and then go back to 3 and 4 later.

I got good starts in my qualifying races and managed to finish in the top 10 in both but the rear tire was pretty worn on the right side. I didn’t think to get it turned around so just ran it for the final races on Sunday but lacked confidence in the Carousel. I got another good start in Lost Era but had fallen back to 13th by the end, I just couldn’t hang on to the guys that passed me. I did my fastest lap trying to catch the guy that passed me on the 2nd to last lap though :D.
As the 5 minute warning sounded for Old Folks it started spitting but I was hoping it would just be a quick shower but as I put my helmet on it came down hard so that was me done. I had the ZX6R with DOT tires in the trailer again but there had been no sign of rain all morning so I didn’t get it out, I’ll know next time.

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2021 SOAR Racing Round 4

Josh wanted to do an endurance race and offered his bike to use so we enlisted Danny and entered team Old Fast Slow. The endurance race is 3 hours long, the team that has completed the most laps at the end is the winner. We ran 20 minute sessions each […]

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