SOAR 2024 Round 2


Friday Practice

I had some nerves in the pits, I woke early and struggled to get back to sleep – that didn’t help, but I still managed to get 5 solid sessions in. Then Andy Horton came over and told me my times had been consistently good in the low 55s, and then gave me grief because I hadn’t looked at them LOL He’s always a good laugh and he cheered me right up.

Saturday Qualifying

Just did a few laps in second practice to make sure everything was working. The starting grid positions for the qualifying races are based on championship position so I was expecting to be starting 8th in Lost Era Lt and 5th in Am Legends. I knew Glen Mackay (in 3rd) would be with David doing CSBK Round 3 at RAD Torque Raceway, Edmonton putting me 4th but when the grids came out, I was 5th in Lost Era Lt and on pole for Am Legends!! Unreal!

Lost Era Lt

The rear tire was starting to move a little so I had to be a bit careful with gas going on to the straight.

Am Legends

Got my usual decent start and then rode defensively into the carousel in case Jay dove up the inside again LOL A couple of guys got caught up going in to the carousel, one went down and broke his collar bone causing the red flag – I talked to him the next day and he was doing ok.

Sunday Races

Got up early and put the Bridgestone 190 medium rear scrub on, it didn’t look as though it had done many laps. It felt a little sketchy in the first few laps of practice but then seemed to bed in a bet, the medium might not be the best choice for the cooler, windy weather today, but it was that or the worn out soft one.

Am Legends

Zoe kindly ran out this morning and grabbed some board and bright paper to make a pit board. The plan was that after half way, bright pink means I’m under pressure, no board or the back with Stu73 on means clear.
Did my usual launch, and then got my head down and didn’t see the board so brought it home for my first time ever on the podium!! Awesome! Check out the low fuel indicator flashing at about 3 laps from the end, man I would have been mega pissed if I didn’t get the win because I ran out of gas!

Lost Era Lt

Now the pressure was off, I could go out and enjoy this race with Josh and try to have a battle with Simon. Sadly, the battery in my front GoPro died while I was on pit row but the rear GoPro was now tethered so that’s the only footage I have of this race. I couldn’t hang on to pressure Simon, I’m blaming tires because I saw him go get new ones installed at lunch! LOL Sadly Josh got in a tussle when passing a back marker and got knocked out of the carousel – he was sore and angry but otherwise ok and the bike just needs handlebars and some minor repairs to rearsets, swing arm spool, frame slider and fairings.

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