2016 KTM Duke 390 – Sold


I was hoping to sell the KLX before I picked up another bike but this one became available at the right price and I didn’t want to miss out on it. At first I was concerned about the relatively low power with only 44HP compared to the old FZR400RR I used to have that had 60HP but the FZR was an inline 4 cylinder and this is a big single cylinder. After looking at a Z750 I realized that was overkill for something to have a bit of fun commuting on and capable of hitting the track should the opportunity arise so decided the Duke would be great and I’ll look at installing an aftermarket exhaust to get a few more horses.


March 2020

  • Bled the front brake – even after bleeding it seems to take more effort to pull the lever than I would like, doesn’t feel very grabby, maybe new pads would help?
  • New tires – it was a toss up between Dunlop Q3+ and Avon 3D Ultra Sport. Avon is a UK based company and the old AM22 I used to run on my RGV250 was fantastic. The Avons provided a saving of $100 so I figured I’d give them a go, hope they’re as good as the race tire I remember from nearly 30 years ago!

February 2020

  • Fix angle of plate on tail and install plate light – designed and 3D printed a tail tidy that follows the profile of the rear fender, incorporates the stock plate light and angles the plate out a bit more. 2mm thick plate installed first but went to a 3mm plate for more rigidity and added fins to continue the fender profile a little.
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