2003 Suzuki RM65 – Sold


I picked this up for the little guy, looks to be in good shape. The clutch bites late so it might need new plates and it has a DEP exhaust that makes the power band a bit too vicious for him to learn clutch and gears with so I’ll try to pick up a stock exhaust. Tried installing the flywheel weight tonight but it fouls the cover. The chain was extremely loose and despite what I thought, there was enough adjustment left to get it in spec, I also need to install the new fork seals that came with it.

Bit of a big step up from the PW80 but I think he’ll be ripping this around in no time.


RM 65 parts list and exploded diagrams

To do

  • Clean
  • Oil the chain
  • Install split pins in the axles
  • Change gearbox oil


May – June 2019

  • Loctite kick-start screw
  • Gas leaking from carb – reset float height, turned out to be the hose from the tank to the carb was too short and wasn’t sealing

April 2019

  • Fork seals are still leaking?? – Josh took them to his co-op at TSR to re-seat the seals
  • Torque handlebar clamps
  • Set suspension to stock settings
  • Install fork seals – with AMSoil synthetic fork oil
  • Adjust chain
  • Tried to install flywheel weight – no go, fouls on the casing
  • Adjusted handlebars
  • Replaced screw in kickstart with hex bolt, missing bolt from flywheel cover, missing bolt from rear brake guard
  • Seated carb properly
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