CBR600RR Rebuild 2


Made a bit more progress this week but also ran into some issues. Stripped nearly all the paint off the subframe, took it apart and removed all the brackets, found some bolts to plug the holes and painted in the ‘spray booth’ aka the back of the trailer.

Sub frame before painting

While waiting for the paint to dry I got on and removed the front disks and stripped the paint off them.

Before and after stripping the paint off the brake discs

When the sub frame was ready, I started installing it but one of the bolts that thread into the frame stripped the threads!! Arrrgh, I was so pi$$ed! Fortunately there were still some threads left at the end and Denny at TSR had a longer bolt that worked great.

Then I moved on to the tank and got that installed with some difficulty lining up the bolt on the right hand side. The next day I couldn’t find my small work lamp, after about half an hour I found that I had installed it underneath the tank – that’s why the bolt didn’t line up well!

Had a go at stripping the paint off the wheels with some cheap stripper so it doesn’t damage the stock coat underneath but the stock coat was already damaged so I think I’ll just get them blasted and powder coated.

Lastly I stripped the paint off the fork legs and disassembled them ready for new seals.

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