CBR600RR Rebuild 1


I’ve been making some good progress with the CBR this week. Apart from the engine, I’ve been scraping the paint off every component and cleaning/repainting as required. First of all, I got the swing-arm back in and torqued up all the engine mounts. Take note of the super clean rear suspension linkage.

Then I painstakingly scraped all the paint off the lower triple clamp and chain guard, sanded and repainted. I had the brilliant idea of using the trailer as a paint booth, but didn’t go as far as setting up a Dexter killing area – I’m not as concerned about getting splatter on the trailer walls!

Once the paint dried I installed these parts and scraped and cleaned the gear shift linkage, foot pegs and mounts, rear brake lever and stand/gear shift mount bracket.

She’s starting to look pretty darn sweet now if you ask me! I picked up a soft link for the chain – oh I forgot to mention that I had scraped and cleaned every single link of the chain … both sides!! Where was I, I picked up the soft link today from TSR and have a plan for the wheels – going to try getting the paint off with acetone to get down to the stock finish that I’m hoping is a black powder coat.
Also found that the stripped threads in the sub-frame were not actually stripped and there were supposed to be nuts underneath – good job I noticed before brazing some aluminum into the holes to re-thread! So now I just need to get on and paint the sub-frame so I can put that back on.

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CBR600RR Rebuild 2

Made a bit more progress this week but also ran into some issues. Stripped nearly all the paint off the subframe, took it apart and removed all the brackets, found some bolts to plug the holes and painted in the ‘spray booth’ aka the back of the trailer. While waiting […]

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