SOAR Practice Weekend


First time running the bike this season, no changes to the bike but planning to try stiffening the suspension. We ran Technical in the morning but a load of dirt had been kicked up on to the track from turn 2 through to the second 90 degree corner – turn 5, and it felt super slippery but I think that was more due to the cool track rather than the dirt. At lunch we voted to switch to Modified so that we weren’t running through the dirt. I dialed up all the damping settings a bit and it felt a little stiffer but didn’t notice a huge difference so I dialed them in a bit more. The front brakes didn’t feel very grabby so I bled both the calipers and the master again on Sunday when I wasn’t riding – they felt better but still not as good as Josh’s R6 brakes.

I remembered to put the GoPro on for about the last session of the day when I followed Josh round for a few laps.

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SOAR Round 1 27, 28 May 2023

Technical layout Friday Practice Continuing with the new stiffer suspension settings, as usual I felt slow in the first session of the day and was happy to follow Josh around for the first few laps as he seemed to be pretty confident. It started picking up as the sessions went […]