2001 Yamaha PW80 – Sold

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The little guy was way too big for the PW50 so started looking for an upgrade.  I found a couple of 4 stroke TTR90s but didn’t get any replies and once the little guy got wind of a potential bike change, he put the pressure on!  I found this PW80 fairly close by and it was listed as having ownership and manuals but was in pretty rough shape compared to some others that were a similar price.  We went to see it the day before we went on vacation and as it turned out the guy didn’t have ownership, only some registration paper from the previous owner and no manual???  I should have left it but the guy was firm on his price and my lad was very keen on it (what a surprise) so we paid the money and brought it home.

Here’s what it looked like after a bit of cleaning up.



PW80 parts and exploded diagrams

To Do List

  • NA

Completed Tasks

  • Fix gas leak in carb – cleaned float needle valve, again and set float height to 22mm
  • Replace broken gas tank – installed brand new
  • Check rear suspension bearings – seem fine
  • Clean up gas tank (oxidization?)
  • Straighten handlebars in clamps
  • Straighten gear pedal

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  1. Removed the carb last night, was concerned about getting the oil injection line off the carb but the metal sleeve slid off easily with a flat screwdriver and then the hose pulled off. Cleaned the float needle valve and set the float height to 22mm per the manual and then put it back together. Seems to run ok, no running on and no leak out of the overflow pipe when not running so I oiled the chain and put it away.

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