Yamaha KYB Fork Cap Tool

I needed to replace the fork seals on my 07 YZ250F and didn’t have the special wrench for undoing the fork caps so I designed this tool to be 3D printed.  It took a few iterations to get the design strong enough but I was successfully able to loosen both fork caps with the final version.

The model was created in Onshape …


Then printed in ABS with 0.1mm layers (should also be fine with 0.2mm layers), 50% grid infill and 1,2mm wall thickness, it took a little over 2 hours to print …


You can see that the bottom layer had a bit too much squish and caused the ‘elephant’s foot’ effect.  I found that the bed was not 100% flat and the leveling method I was using caused the nozzle to be too close to the middle of the bed.

Here it is in action,