2007 Yamaha YZ250F

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YZ250Fw parts list and exploded diagrams

To Do List

  • Replace fork seals
  • Oil change
  • Seat has been cut down, new seat
  • Set race sag and suspension settings to stock

Completed Tasks

  • Very small amount of play in front wheel bearings, replace
  • Check valve clearances –
    Dec 2017
    Exhaust L 0.203mm, R 0.178mm
    Intake L 0.102mm, M 0.102mm, R 0.127mm
  • Check for any play in main bearings – none at all, sweet!!
  • Move kick start away from frame


One thought on “2007 Yamaha YZ250F

  1. MTOAdmin Post author

    Before removing the forks to change the fork seals, it is best to loosen the cap on top. On these forks that requires a special tool, a large octagonal wrench. These can be bought for about $30 but I was convinced that I could design a tool that could be 3D printed. After a couple of iterations and several hours of printing, the tool in the pic worked a treat! Both caps are now loose and the forks are ready to be removed.

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