2004 CBR600RR #1

2004 CBR600RR #1

Sold the Duke and before I could put the money in the bank I saw this going cheap so I jumped on it.

It rained hard on the way to get it and half way back and it fell off the dang ramps while offloading! Only damaged the lower left fairing a little but also bent the ramp pretty good. Will have to sort out a new ramp – think I’ll get one of those curvy folding ones.

To Do


  • Put it back together!
  • Clean up clutch and stator covers and gear shift linkage – couldn’t get the stator cover off so will leave this for later
  • Install brake guard
  • Lockwire
  • I’m thinking of doing some sort of Repsol paint job when I’ve sorted out a fairing
  • Get new soft link for the chain – got the link thanks to TSR, borrowed Danny’s tool to install it
  • Get frame and swing-arm sand blasted – just dropped them off with Jim, told him to clear coat them as well as long as they look ok after blasting
  • Check valve clearances – a few were on the tight side of the tolerance but all in spec. Danny says he prefers the valves on the tight side for racing, maximum open time
  • Take it apart!