CBR600RR Rebuild 3


The pace has dropped off a bit this week, partly due to waiting on fork seals and the rest just not feeling into it. Still, I came through at the end of the week with thanks to my little guy for helping me get the exhaust back on.

The midpipe and muffler were scraped and cleaned, and I painted the heat shield. Couldn’t get the muffler as clean as I had hoped as I think I started scraping into the carbon and didn’t want to do that.

The seat had been covered and had a little fold on each side that I didn’t like, I could see underneath that the stock cover was still there so I removed the seat cover to see what it was hiding. The stock BLACK seat cover had no rips or tears and was in decent shape apart from it had been painted … BLACK!!! Very strange. The paint had bonded on there so I just took it off and put the other seat cover back on with the manual staple gun. It works ok but you need to get a good force holding it down while you pull the trigger or the staples don’t go all the way in. In the awkward spots I hammered down any staples that weren’t fully seated. I could not get rid of the folds so I after all that I ended up pretty much where I’d started but a little weight saving 😛

Tried to get the stator cover off but it was stuck on pretty firm so I left it … for now. I needed help to get the exhaust header lined up and bolted to the mounts, the older kids were out but the little guy was up for helping and did a great job. So then I was able to install the midpipe and muffler and the rear brake.

I went and grabbed the brush wheel from the garage and used it in the drill to clean up the exhaust headers before putting the radiator back on. Oh and I also folded the tabs on the lock washer on the headset under the top triple clamp.

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