2010 Suzuki RM-Z 250

Just picked this up (Jan 2019), really wasn’t sure about getting another 4 stroke but couldn’t find a nice 2 stroke and got a great deal on this.

RMZasrec4 RMZasrec3

RMZasrec2 RMZasrec1


RM-Z 250 parts list and exploded diagrams
Jan 2019
Race sag = 95mm, static sag = 41mm, preload length 255mm
All damper settings set to stock
Valve clearances:
Exhaust 0.17 – 0.24mm (0.007 – 0.009″)
Actuals Jan 2019: L 0.178mm, R 0.178mm
Intake 0.09 – 0.16mm (0.0035 – 0.006″)
Actuals Jan 2019: L 0.152mm, R 0.127mm

To Do List

  • Tire pressures
  • Install new fork protector rings
  • Front brake rotor and pads
  • New fuel pump – wiring?

Completed Tasks

Mar 2019

  • New rear brake rotor and pads
  • New rear tire – Metzeler MC5 Intermediate
  • New rear wheel bearings and tire clamp

Feb 2019

  • New U linkage – picked up a used set from a 2009 RM-Z 250 but is different part number, looks very similar, will take measurements some time
  • Straightened rear rotor and tried to re-seat rear tire. Rotor is badly worn, new one required. Even at 80 psi with washing up liquid, could not get the tire to seat properly, then noticed large cracks in some of the knobbies on the edges = new tire, ugh.
  • Oil and filter change
  • Oiled and installed new air filter
  • Repaired tear in seat cover
  • Soldered wires back on to fuel pump
  • Replaced all linkage bearings

Jan 2019

  • Check valve clearances
  • Replace upper rear shock bearing
  • Install new grips
  • Set all damper settings to stock
  • Set race sag = 95mm, static sag = 41mm
  • Stitched rear mudguard with zip ties
  • Repaired muffler mount
  • Re-seated front wheel
  • Replaced handlebars with slightly cut Renthals (stock?)