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Suzuki RM125 – Sold

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I got chatting with some guys at work that have dirt bikes and started getting the bug again.  Back in the UK my favourite bike was a 90 odd Suzuki RM125, I didn’t want to spend much money so when I saw this 1992 version going cheap I had to go check it out.  There are some issues with it but I ended up doing a good deal and bringing it home.

RM125AdPic1  RM125AdPic2

RM125AdPic3  RM125AdPic4

RM125AdPic5Looks like it could be fun once it’s running, I’ll work on it over winter ready for next season.

Here’s how it looked after I had fixed up and was ready to sell it.

RM125 forsale1  RM125 forsale2

To Do List

  • NA


  • Fix spring on rear brake lever
  • Clean throttle assembly for quick return action
  • Replace wiring
  • Bike stand – picked up a project stool from Home Depot, thanks to Ion and Eduardo.
  • Oil sump plug seal – got a fibre one
  • Replace gear oil – old stuff looked in great shape
  • New coolant
  • Fix ding in front rim
  • Straighten rear rim
  • New split link for chain – found it!
  • Drill and tap new holes in lower fork clamp for mudguard
  • Clean carb/throttle slide – emptied the float bowl, checked jets
  • Front caliper slider seals – $4 each, thanks TSR
  • New front brake lever – $20
  • New kill switch – $15, TSR
  • New gas – mixed at about 35:1
  • No spark, new CDI – 1st one from eBay, 1987 DOA; 2nd one from eBay, unknown year, also
  • DOA!  3rd one from eBay, brand new aftermarket, finally it runs!!!
  • Repair seat bolt nut(s) – welded new nuts on
  • Replace rear shock upper mount bearing – lower replaced as well
  • Front number plate – got one off an 89 RM250 $40
  • Handlebars – straightened a bit but still not quite right

One reply on “Suzuki RM125 – Sold”

Finally built up enough courage to go to a track and try the bike out. The closest track to me is RJ Motorsports who open on Wednesdays for practice. I decided to take the day off work and take the wife with me for moral support. Trying to overcome some hefty anxiety, I found the place ok and got there quite early, there was only one other guy there – perfect. After a quick warm up, I went out but had to come back in after 2 laps, my forearms were hurting badly. Softened off the compression damping on the forks a few clicks and it was much better.
After another half a dozen laps or so, I noticed that the front mudguard was wobbling, 3 of the 4 mounting screws had come out! Started looking on the truck for a temporary replacement screw so I could keep riding a bit longer and then noticed that the bolt holding the sub frame was also missing! Anxiety was still bad and I was tired so I was quite happy to pack up at that point, I made it out and know what to expect now.
After fixing the issues, I decided to spend a bit of time tidying up the looks. I always say it’s a dirt bike track, not a fashion show but the previous owner had painted the mudguard and side panels and it had started flaking off making it look nasty. I scraped off the rest of the paint, got replacement screws for the mudguard and sub-frame and finally did a decent patch job on the seat using a bit of old Porsche seat leather since I cannot find a seat cover anywhere. Now it’s ready for round two, but so are the kids so I will have to find something for them to ride as well.

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