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My kid wanted to learn how to drive a manual gearbox and the winter beater was rusting away so when I saw this going cheap, I jumped on it (or was I pushed?).


This is my 2002 VW Golf GTI 1.8T and so far I love it! For safety it only needed front rotors and it passed emissions but the CEL came on a few days later.  Pulled the scanner out and found code P0420 – catalytic converter efficiency below threshold, will have to look out for a high flow cat.  Had a look underneath and the resonator is on it’s way out and the hangar between the cat and the resonator was broken – welded it back on and put some JB weld over a leak at a joint.

Took the lad out for a drive and the airbag light came on.  After a bit of Googling I found that a common culprit is the seat belt clip wiring, in particular loose wires in the connector under the seat.  When I checked my clip, I noticed it was wrapped in insulation tape – obviously a previous repair here.  Sure enough as I removed the tape, I found a wire had come out of the clip so I soldered it back in place and taped up the clip.  Then disconnected the battery for 10 mins to clear the light and … it came straight back on!?!  I found a local guy selling VAG scanners for under $50 that can read and clear codes for engine, airbag, ABS and transmission (I know you can get them cheaper but I didn’t want to wait for shipping).  Hooked it up and pulled the code (it was the seat belt clip) and cleared it – now it stays off.  One thing about this scanner, it seems that you can only clear any and all codes in one go, you cannot clear just an airbag code and leave the CEL for example.

Noticed the other day that about 1/2″ at the OD of a front rotor was not being touched by the pad.  Thought perhaps the pads were hung up so I took the caliper off and made sure the pads and sliders were not binding.  When I looked at the opposite side, the inside pad looked like some gravel had worn a groove in it so it was leaving bands of wear on the rotor and the pads were worn uneven in like wedge shapes.  At this point I decided to put new pads on the new rotors – not sure why this wasn’t at least suggested in the safety inspection??

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  1. MTOAuth

    Noticed a half inch of the outside of the DS rotor was not being worn by the pads. Thought the pads might be hung up or sticking but I had a look and found that they were unevenly worn. Picked up and fitted new ones, don’t want the rotors wearing unevenly as well.


  2. MTOAuth

    When I took the PS wheel off, I noticed that the locating screw has been sheared off. I suspect it was recent as it is still shiny, probably when the new rotors were installed for the safety cert?? If it was, that should have been stated IMO. It’s not a big deal but it was a real PITA trying to hold the wheel against the rotor and line it up while getting a stud started on a few threads. I’ll think twice before paying them to do any more work for me.


  3. MTOAuth

    I love the GTI and it is a blast to drive but the accelerator pedal is too low relative to the brake for me to practice my heel and toe technique. Not really a big deal but since I didn’t have much else going on and it is handy to use H&T on the odd occasion so I decided to make up a pedal pad. I found a sheet of aluminum and bent it close to the radius of the pedal, then drilled two holes and screwed it in place on the pedal. Then I removed it and hot-glued two pieces of rubber foam together holding them on the curved plate while the glue dried. Did a little shaping on the foam to smooth out the edge and then installed it all on the pedal. It looks a bit stupid but it works a treat, only problem is that the brakes are a bit grabby so I need more practice pressing the gas without impacting braking.

  4. MTOAuth

    Found this Magnaflow high flow cat going cheap locally, super smooth deal, looks a lot like the RX-8 cat inside. That should fix the CEL, I’m assuming the O2 sensor thread is the same, flange will have to go, might come in handy later. There’s a used cat-back Magnaflow exhaust on Kijiji for $350 but it’s just a bit of tube and a couple of mufflers at the end of the day, I think I can make one for much less. A new challenge … and project begins, I love it.

  5. MTOAuth

    Noticed a little patch of damp underneath the left side of the engine yesterday, looks like coolant. Had a quick look around but can’t really see where it’s coming from, will have to wait until I get the 924T back together before I get stuck into it.

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