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SOAR Racing Round 5

I’ve fallen behind with updating the site again so I’ll jump to round 5 while it’s fresh in my memory and then go back to 3 and 4 later. Josh’s wrist was feeling pretty good so Josh was riding and was keen to do the 3 hour endurance race on Friday afternoon so we roped Danny in and signed up as Team Old Young Slow. We used Josh’s SV650 and despite a couple of minor set-backs managed to finish 3rd in our class – mine and Josh’s first podium!

That was our practice and by the end Josh’s tires were pretty much shot. He did his qualifying races on them but wasn’t happy on them, I brought a slick that would fit and had Danny’s spare tire warmers in the trailer so Josh bought a new slick rear for racing on Sunday. He did his practices on the slicks and hit his target of a sub minute lap. Then in the BOTT race he got a good start and was running in 10th catching the group ahead when he hit a false neutral going in to the Carousel then low-sided when he got it back in gear. Apart from a couple of grazes and a good deal of frustration, Josh was fine – he broke another footpeg, the brake guard, some of the fairing and bent the handlebar so he couldn’t do the second race.

I got good starts in my qualifying races and managed to finish in the top 10 in both but the rear tire was pretty worn on the right side. I didn’t think to get it turned around so just ran it for the final races on Sunday but lacked confidence in the Carousel. I got another good start in Lost Era but had fallen back to 13th by the end, I just couldn’t hang on to the guys that passed me. As the 5 minute warning sounded for Old Folks it started spitting but I was hoping it would just be a quick shower but as I put my helmet on it came down hard so that was me done. I had the ZX6R with DOT tires in the trailer again but there had been no sign of rain all morning so I didn’t get it out, I’ll know next time.