2007 Kawasaki KLX250

The latest addition. I finally decided to put aside my bitterness about having to go back to basics and take another bike test and picked this up to get me to my M2 license. I put the more street appropriate tires on that came with it but other than that it was alright apart from a loud tick like an exhaust leak or something. I’ll check valve clearances and do an oil change over winter, I will have a look then.
It’s not fast but it picks up ok with a thrashing. The front brake and suspension were awful! I bled the brake several times and it got better but I think it wants a steel braided cable; the Z125 I rode on the M2 course was amazing in comparison. On the forks I put the damping clickers back to stock and then increased compression damping a good few clicks and finally found a bit of confidence in the front end. It’s felt better each time I’ve ridden it but I’m already thinking about upgrades.